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Below are some of the most common lines of Gypsy Horse. The information is almost completely anecdotal, and most of the horses whose names appear below are dead. Therefore the accuracy of what is presented below cannot be objectively validated. In addition, fresh information is continually being uncovered.

The Main Pedigree

The family tree below represents most of the Gypsy Horse histories known in the United States today. It encompasses such influential Gypsies as The Lob Eared Horse, The Old Black Horse, The Old Coal Horse, Lion King, The PO Mare, The Rose, Roadsweeper, andThe Old Paddy Horse.

Note: The majority of the information below is anecdotal and noT confirmed by DNA comparison.


Connors Tree Small

Other Famous Lines of Gypsy Horses

There are other lines whose relations to the large tree above, if they exist, are not known. Out of two others of these comes SFG’s arePrice’s The Farmer’s Daughter (“Bria“). She is double bred Old Horse of Wales, a grand old stallion owned by Tom Price of Wales prior to his death in 2009. Below are some of the notable offspring of this grand old sire.

Some Offspring of The Old Horse of Wales

Old Horse of Wales Full

Price’s The Farmer’s Daughter (“Bria“): Family Tree

Bria herself combines the bloodlines of her two times grandsire The Old Horse of Wales, who has his origins in Ireland and with the Connor family, and also of The Old Kent Horse. Below is Bria’s family tree. We’ve found only one source for The Old Horse of Ireland’ssire and dam; however we’ve included this information for completeness. Please note that all information is anecdotal. We’ve also included information on Samson, possibly the most highly thought of the many Old Horse of Wales’s offspring.


Bria pedigree