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Meet Maximos

Max was imported directly from Robert Watson on his mother’s side in 2003. His sire is the legendary, Tubbs and his dam is an outstanding foundation mare, Aishling of Alpha and Omega. Max is 14.1 and is Ee TT aa and is pssm1 clear. He is heavily feathered with a nice short back, heavy hip and incredible bone. He was recently trained to ride and drive and hopefully will be exhibited some this season and many more to come. He has a wonderful demeanor and is a complete gentlemen while in the occupancy of mares.

Meet Chewbacca du Vallon

Chewbacca is an incredible silver bay stallion. He stands a proud 14.3 and is Ee Aa nZ. He is pssm 1 clear. He not only has a heart of gold but is a breathtakingly beautiful mover. These special horses only come along so often. He looks like he belongs in a fairytale. His blonde man and tale mixed with his cinnamon body look almost mythical. He recently learned to ride and drive and we are eager to exhibit him some this summer.